Don’t Judge a Fish

dont judge a fishThere’s a famous saying that says, “Don’t judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree.” Whenever I heard this saying in the past, I would smile or nod in agreement but never really thought of it in much depth.

In our society, monkeys, fish, and birds live together and those who are considered successful and accomplished are the ones who can climb a tree.

I can think of little things more depressing than the idea of people feeling incompetent because they simply haven’t been allowed to follow their passion.

In many conversations I’ve had with people, I’ve noticed a very common and alarming theme. It seems to go something like this. After struggling in school they finally find a passion, something they’re really good at. But it doesn’t pay. You have to be very lucky to be successful.

Their parents know and understand this, and do whatever is necessary to prevent them from doing what they like. This is not applicable to every country but it does to Lebanon where clichés and singular ways of living are cherished and endlessly preached.

The youth of this country will go through this process. And they will ditch their dreams for reality, but at some point, we need to question the structure that is underlying our convictions about life and what’s important.

A lot of potential will be lost, and many lives will be made miserable by this truly dangerous kind of thinking. My hope is that one day, this mentality will be a thing of the past, the way it is in many prosperous countries in the world.


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