Back off the wall

back ofIn many times during our lives,  we will inevitably run into periods where our backs are against the wall. It is when we feel there is no more room for error.  And in many cases,  we find reserves of energy that we didn’t know existed.  We push the limits of our perseverance and patience.

Then then are other times. These are moments when we are momentarily off the wall and have the freedom and time to manage our resources as well as we can.  For most people,  this is not a productive time. It usually leads to carelessness,  and complacency.  Procrastination reigns supreme and planning becomes less effective.

In these two opposite circumstances, one is usually thought of as being better than the other.  Now some people panic under pressure,  and prefer to live in such a way where the ‘back against the wall’ situation never arises.  Some of these people are successful at doing this but my main interest here is in people who fail at it.  As in,  the people who cannot perform unless under pressure.

Can these people, who are not adept planners given ample time and minimal pressure,  change their habits?  Or are they better off getting themselves against the wall again,  and taking off from there?


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